We're looking for somebody who wants to cook healthy & nutritious meals from the comfort of his/her own home and deliver them to our office.

Our office is close to Praia Mole, so you would need a car, also since you need to get groceries from the supermarket, organic (bio) store and farmer's market or farm(s).

Every day we need 3 meals from you, that need to be made according to very specific instructions that need to be delivered before 11.30. The meals for Sunday can be delivered on Saturday.

All 3 meals are similar with some variations in between, but it's important you follow the detailed instructions about steaming and boiling times.

Please find the specific instructions here

Here are videos showing the process

A few foods may need to be adapted to the local availability, which is something where you need to be able to give suggestions.

We're really looking for somebody who:

  1. Is reliable, punctual and detail oriented. If you like to innovate and change the meals to your specifications this job is probably not for you.
  2. Has a dependable car and can deliver the meals reliably.
  3. Enjoys cooking and working from home.

If you're hired, this will be your main tasks and responsibilities.

  1. Buying groceries and ingredients from the supermarkets, organic food store(s) and farmers market. (You'll receive a shopping wallet)
  2. Cooking meals according to our detailed specifications from the comfort of your own kitchen.
  3. Delivering the food boxes (we supply them) to our office location and picking up the old boxes, as well as washing the old boxes.
  4. Cooking 3 liters of bone broth per day (as per instructions here: http://draxe.com/recipe/beef-bone-broth/)
  5. Doing some additional grocery shopping (like water, toilet paper, etc)
  6. Creating 1 liter of Kefir every day, using raw goat milk which needs to be sourced from a local high-quality farmer
  7. Sourcing and cooking organic cow liver from a local farm/farmer's market (other animals work as well) once a week.

I'm really looking for someone who is incredible organized in this area of their lives. If you're a stay at home mom that wants to make some money on the side while being with your kids, this job would be perfect for you.

Previous cooks would take 60-75 minutes a day to cook the meals and depending on your skills you might be faster or slower. In addition to that you'll be doing grocery shopping.

If this is something you'd be interested in, please apply to this job ad with the quote in the first sentence "Cooking done with care is an act of expression.". Applications without this sentence will be ignored.

Include the following:

  • >> Confirmation that you meet EACH of the requirements I've listed above. This includes the your availability to the supermarket, bio stores, farmers market and the drop off before 11.30.
  • >> Your salary expectations.

It's important that you tell me about why you think you're a good match for this position.

If you meet ALL requirements and are interested, please send an email to info@supremiamedia.com with the subject line "Punctual and Detail Oriented Cook | Florianópolis" and follow the other steps mentioned above.

I'm going to review every response I get personally, and I'll contact you if I think that you'd be a good fit.

Thank you!